The Harsh Realities of Life


Shit happens.  You know that, right?

You can play by the rules.  You can do everything right.  You can be on time, work hard, be honest, try your best…and some things still do not work as you hoped.  You still have to struggle; you still have to figure out some things.  There are certain circumstances that happen beyond your control.  Sometimes they turn out for the best; sometimes for the worst.  These are some of the harsh realities of life that I discovered the hard way, the painful way.  I am still discovering them.

We could cry; I know I have.  The number of tears that I shed from the stress of this world is countless.  We could curse the world.  We could blame others for our misfortunes.   That will solve nothing and none of that will change our problems.  The bottom line is, we have to own up to our snags and face the facts.  We have to look at ourselves in our mirrors, and know that we tried our best and yet the end result was still disappointing.  That is just the way it is.

Part of the path to success contains some failures.  It will be messy before it gets better.  There will be anxiety, weeping, downfalls, embarrassments, pressure, jealousy and even a loss of some friends.  It will not be easy, and it certainly will not be all cookies and ice cream.  There is a light at the end of it all, however.  There is a point to all the pain and craziness, which will eventually lead to a relief from the vomitorium of hardships that you endure.  Nonetheless, as you travel this road to a brighter future, there are some facts that you must accept.  You do not have to like them or agree with them; just accept them.

  1. DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING TO LUCK—LUCK RUNS OUT.  “Maybe I will get lucky.”  How many times have we told this to ourselves?  And more times than not, luck did not come through at the right time.  It is always good to have faith, to pray and to think positive.  Yet there still needs to be some action.  We make our OWN luck with hustle and the non-stop belief that it will work out in the end.  Unless you catch a leprechaun and he shares his pot of gold and Lucky Charms, get to work.
  2. YOU CAN BE A GOOD PERSON—BUT IT WILL NOT HELP YOU SOMETIMES. I have a big heart.  It is very hard to say anything negative about me.  I can get along with everyone; and that gets me in trouble from time to time and very hurt.  Why?  Because I have wasted my time with the wrong people.  This can happen to anyone; negative people pick up on positive vibes and try to squash them.  Be careful with whom you connect.  Do not try to right the wrong people.  Love yourself enough to walk away.
  3. ADMIT IT—YOU SCREWED UP. We all make mistakes.  We are all human.  We learn from our slipups; at least, we are supposed to learn.  We will keep repeating them…I will keep repeating them…until the lesson is learned.  Once the lesson is realized and understood, OWN up to the screw up.  Afterwards, BOSS up and clean up the mistake.
  4. LOYALTY IS NOT ALWAYS REWARDED—NOT EVERYONE WILL CARE. In many situations, loyalty is considered admirable and often compensated.  In other matters, no one will care how loyal you are and will be dismissed with an “oh, well.”  It is an unfortunate, pure piece of truth.  I lived in the same apartment complex for several years, and there have been some times when I was a few days late with the rent.  I would tell the office in advance that it would be late, and I paid the late fees, and that was the end of the matter.  I always kept my word, and that is what the office considered every time. My word was trusted, as I was never a month or two behind (like some people), and I never, EVER caused any kind of problems.  However, when a new (and too young) property manager came along, the answer was NO.  “I see you’re a good tenant, no problems, but…”  It was basically an “oh, well” reaction.  Loyalty and integrity is not always enough.  Some people will not care.  It is all business and money.  Yet, don’t become a liar to please people. Keep your word, regardless. The right rewards will come soon enough.
  5. ASK FOR HELP—NO MATTER HOW HARD IT IS. I hate asking for help.  It is a “pride” thing.  We are taught to be self-sufficient and independent.  Nevertheless, there will be times when assistance is needed.  It can take the form of money, tutoring, advice, or just moral support.  We cannot get through this life by ourselves.  We humans are meant to connect.  So CONNECT, or at least reach out.  Afterwards, show gratitude and pay it forward when you get the chance.
  6. NEVER GIVE UP—NEVER. Do not surrender.  You will want to give up, give in.  There are times when bad events all seem to happen at once.  Even when the problems seem to pile up, there is no point in giving up.  The most successful people took the most punches and always came back swinging.  It is alright to fall back a little, or take a small break.  It is not alright to quit.  Otherwise, what was the point of you starting in the first place?  You did not come this far just to come this far.  Keep going.

We are often put to the test.  God throws us a Goliath to find our inner David.  When things do not go as planned, just make a new plan.  Face life; stay strong.


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